B & S Lighting and Furniture Incorporated is a rapidly growing company that opened its doors almost two decades ago, offering the world a selection of authentic crystal products at affordable prices. The company has been in the forefront as a leader in designing and crafting the most unique and creative pieces of authentic crystal chandeliers in this part of the world. We have become widely known for the quality we offer at the best prices and the better customer care we deliver, a reputation which accompanies every piece of product we design, manufacture and sell.
We have changed with time; our products have evolved to accommodate the latest demands on the market and to suit almost every need. Our prices have become the most unbeatable for the quality we offer, and our service leaves our customers with more than just a smile but with the satisfaction of an investment well-made.
Careful selection and individual attention given to every piece has resulted in the creation of a finished product that is of innovative functionality and style. Our range crosses from basic functional lighting to the most exquisite and latest cutting-edge designs. Our company holds a substantial amount of stocks and with a huge warehouse capacity; our clients are serviced without delay.

B & S Lighting and Furniture Incorporated is the sole manufacturer of all the products we sell. However, we do have several outstanding distributors who showcase and market our products within the United States and abroad.